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At Custoflooring, we take pride in offering a wide range of flooring that are luxury vinyl tiles, vinyl planks, vinyl sheets, glue-less click vinyl and various plastic composite flooring

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What You Need To Know About Our Company

Our company is based in Dongguan City, China and specializes in producing composite vinyl flooring. Our composite vinyl flooring is versatile and is commonly used in locations such as hospitals, laboratories, dance studios, schools, kindergartens, sports rooms, swimming pools, boats and any other place requiring non-slip and moisture-resistant flooring.

We offer vinyl flooring in rolls, and also customize its size and shape to meet your design preferences. Additionally, we provide the option of printing a customized pattern on the flooring to make it more unique to your space. Our top priority is to ensure we provide durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing flooring to meet your needs.

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What Products We Offer For You

We offer a variety of vinyl floor mats for different purposes. Our products include vinyl flooring for stairs, sports rooms, dance studios, and hospitals. Our vinyl mats are durable, easy to maintain and affordable.


The stair floor is made of environmentally friendly PVC material, which is not only ........


PVC dance flooring has good elastic recovery performance under the impact of heavy ........


The main component of the floor material is polyvinyl chloride, adding calcium carbonate ........


Swimming pool vinyl flooring using PVC plastic raw material without calcium powder ........


Lightweight teak is a vinyl foam material, they have a comfortable foot feel, soft non-slip instead of .........


Pvc sports flooring is often used in the blue ball hall, badminton hall and other sports room .........

How to Save Installation Cost of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Probably the installation cost of vinyl plank flooring will be high, and the other costs associated with the project will be quickly increased. We think one way to save on the cost of vinyl plank flooring is to choose the cheaper materials, but there are other ways to save the cost and keep the same good quality.

Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Why we will prefer to choose vinyl plank flooring? 

Many homeowners like the vinyl plank flooring as it is more affordable to install than hardwood and it does not need special maintenance. In addition to this, if whatever each piece vinyl plank is damaged, we only need to easily replace and match the existing flooring.  

Vinyl plank excels at imitating many types of wood flooring. Whether you like lighter woods or dark ones, they can create the aesthetic you want.

Affordable to install

Good waterproof effect

Custom design in vinyl plank

Our Partners

Our goal is to grow together with partner, while ultimately helping scale our mutual clients. If you are in the business of vinyl flooring then let’s talk.

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