New popular lightweight PVC ground material for hospital floor

The primary component of PVC hospital floor is polyvinyl chloride, mixed with auxiliary materials to create an anti-slip, waterproof, pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, and seamless floor. The material is directionless with a decorative floral distribution and varied colors like sky blue, dark blue, light blue, green, dark grey, light grey, beige, and light yellow. This medical-grade flooring material is ideal for health infrastructures, such as hospitals, pharmacies, healthcare areas, laboratory areas, and other hospital areas like consultation rooms and hallways.

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The lightweight floor material homogenous transpenetration is taking the world by storm. Its unique structure boasts an unparalleled level of consistency from top to bottom, delivering unbeatable durability and excellent wear resistance even if the surface of the material wears down over time. The surface of this flooring material is incredibly sturdy! Its smooth, dense texture offers resistance to medical iodine and corrosion, as well as providing unbeatable anti-slip technology. And cleaning this fabulous new flooring material is a breeze! Its surface properties lend themselves to hassle-free cleaning, making it the perfect choice for busy environments.

The hospital floor material structure is composed of the same material from the surface to the bottom. Even if the surface wears away, it remains the same as the surface, making the material highly wear-resistant. The surface is smooth, dense and durable, making it resistant to medical iodine, anti-corrosion, and slip-resistant. Directionless floor surface color is dense different colors of floral distribution, there is no obvious sense of direction. You can be paved at will, without picking the direction of the pattern. There is a variety of colors pattern in available.

hospital floor

This hosipal vinyl material is non-directional, so it can be laid in different orientations to achieve various effects. There are many colors available for customization, guaranteeing the final product meets specific needs and specifications.

hospital floor material sky blue
hospital floor material light blue
hospital floor material green
hospital floor material light yellow

Sky Blue

Light Blue


Light Yellow

hospital floor material medium grey
hospital floor material dark grey
hospital floor material beige


Dark Grey


This vinyl material is widely used in hospitals, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, laboratory areas, consultation rooms, hallways, and other hospital areas. Its durability and easy cleaning properties make it an ideal choice for these environments.

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