mistakes installing vinyl plank flooring

Mistakes Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring

Many of common installation mistakes can destroy a vinyl plank flooring installation. These mistakes can prevent you from having a beautiful luxury vinyl plank floor. We hope that before you start the work for vinyl plank flooring installation, you can know these common mistakes and obtain a beautiful flooring in short time. It can save you a lot of trial and error costs and time.

What Flooring We Offer

More and more people like to decorate their rooms with modern vinyl plank flooring. As it is not only as strong and durable as hardwood and concrete flooring, but aso they have various of color patterns to choose.


The stair floor is made of environmentally friendly PVC material, which is not only ........


PVC dance flooring has good elastic recovery performance under the impact of heavy ........


The main component of the floor material is polyvinyl chloride, adding calcium carbonate ........


Swimming pool vinyl flooring using PVC plastic raw material without calcium powder ........


Lightweight teak is a vinyl foam material, they have a comfortable foot feel, soft non-slip instead of .........


Pvc sports flooring is often used in the blue ball hall, badminton hall and other sports room .........


Stone Plastic Composite vinyl flooring is more and more popular new style ecofriendly vinyl ..........


Quartz Vinyl Flooring is a multilayer composite floor, as the surface layer added .........


Custom Vinyl Flooring can meet the needs of customers for floor pattern, size and thickness........

Best Reasons To Choose Our Flooring

When you are looking for vinyl flooring for your rooms and places,  what is the most important thing you will be considered? Let’s listening the guys saying.

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Dottie Baker

The beauty of vinyl plank flooring, especially oak, is that it is very durable when finished properly. I have this in my kitchen and installed it myself over concrete. After 4 years it looks like new. I feel it is easier on your back and feet and less likely to cause breakage when things are dropped.

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Peter Ottman

We installed this flooring in our bedroom. I love it! We installed it over a concrete floor in the lower level of or split level home.The floor is beautiful and has held up the year it has been in. We like it so much that we are going to replace kids room carpet with the same flooring. Couldn’t be happier.

Carpet vs Vinyl flooring

Prior to vinyl flooring catching on in popularity, carpet was considered to be the go-to flooring solution for commercial spaces. Today, vinyl plank flooring has exceed the needs of carpet — especially when it comes to corporate office spaces, healthcare, and the hospitality industry.

Carpet Flooring

Many of design pattern options, but with limits.

Vinyl Flooring

Be good at imitation various flooring materials like concrete, stone, wood and other grain style.

Carpet Flooring

Usually popular used in the hotels.

Vinyl Flooring

Widely used in a variety of home, sports and commercial places.



Vinyl flooring is becoming even more widely used in common areas such as living room, lobbies and corridors. Some people are even used luxury vinyl into sports room space, basketball and gmy places. Also for bus, RV, boats are generally used. 

SPC Vinyl Flooring

Stone plastic composite vinyl flooring is an upgrade to ordinary luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring.

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PVC Vinyl Flooring

PVC vinyl flooring for bus, high-speed railway, cinema was added wear-resistant emery particles.

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Vinyl Sports Flooring

Vinyl sports flooring can protect us very well when we are in the sporting as it is high elasticity.